Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Biggest Book Evah

So...if I look out the window to my left I can see endless rows of chairs, a stage, video screens and other AV equipment.  All this was set-up in preparation for the commencement exercises taking place on the Harbor Campus tomorrow.  I was invited to attend the ceremonies since I will be completing my MBA in just three months time. 

I will be attending the ceremony tomorrow.  Sarah & I have been discussing whether to take the girls or not, however.  It will be crazy here tomorrow.  And crowded.  There will be the main ceremony followed by multiple separate ceremonies for each college.  Parking will be a challenge.  Navigating the crowds will be a challenge.  Navigating the campus with the mass of people will be even more challenging (for Sarah and Sheila).  PLUS the girls have school tomorrow - this means time will be tight.

I didn't attend my undergraduate graduation ceremony.  Many years ago.  On this same campus.

Grad school, although not quite over yet, has been a challenge for EVERYONE.  More work for Sarah at home.  More work for Sheila.  LONG days (and nights) for me.

We should celebrate as a family.  Right?

The girls will only be five once.  Maybe they will remember this day when they get older...maybe they will some day understand the sacrifices their mommy & daddy make for them.  For the family.

I am taking three classes in the first (of two) summer sessions.  They are Advanced Corporate Finance, Strategic Management, and Intermediate Accounting.  I bought the Intermediate Accounting book today - BIGGEST BOOK EVAH!  Over 1,500 pages...ya, we will not be covering everything in that book!

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