Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In The Spirit of Giving.

With all of the discussions under way regarding a casino proposal in nearby Foxborough and the motives of the casino proposers Robert Kraft and Steve Wynn, I think it is interesting to learn of the respect New England Patriot personnel have toward the team's owner, Kraft. I pulled this from boston.com and it was written by Michael Whitmer:


When the locker room doors were opened to the media after Saturday’s game, owner Robert Kraft was spotted holding a football, and photographs were being taken with his family members holding a painting. The painting was a gift from the Patriots players to honor Kraft’s late wife, Myra. Coach Bill Belichick also presented a game ball to Kraft following the victory.

In the painting -pictures have been posted to the team’s Twitter account - a group of Patriots are in a huddle, with their hands joined and pointing up to the initials MHK, for Myra Kraft, who died July 20. The team has dedicated the season to her, and Matt Light - who missed the game with a right ankle injury - gave the painting to Kraft.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Ours was incredibly fun and extremely tiring!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookie Monsters.

If you are a reader to Sarah's blog, you know our daughters LOVE to help make cookies. And, although I do not consider myself a "cook", I also enjoy doing some baking here and there. Since this time of the year outdoor activity is limited for the girls, we try to get them involved in some baking to occupy them for awhile (even if it is less than an hour). We baked and then decorated some sugar cookies the other day...

Anna thought they were finger-licking good!

Allie - showing attention to detail.

Look at Emily's cute litte smile peeking through!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Leaves Have Fallen

Despite the higher than normal temperatures the past couple of months, one cannot ignore the sound of winter knocking on the door in Massachusetts. Cold and snow is inevitable around here. It is not a question of IF. It is a question of WHEN. So, when possible, I try to take advantage of mild days in the Fall and Spring. While running along the Charles River last week I took notice of the leafless trees and thought about how much outdoor fun I have had with our daughters since winter ended last year.

Just last week the girls had a blast running through leaves in our back yard. Here is a clip of the fun:

Things the girls say Emily, after being told I am 45 years old: "Wow, Daddy you are a BIG boy now!"