Sunday, May 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

We attended a First Communion of Sarah's friend's daughter over the weekend.  Both the mass and the celebration at a a local restaurant afterward were nice. 

I told Sarah after the mass that it is sad that our 5 year-old daughters showed better manners than many of the "adults" during the church services.  Apparently chewing gum at church is not a big deal.  A loud belch from a twenty-something year-old is funny.  And ya let's let our preteen daughter wear daisy dukes to church.  Oh sure the butterfly tattoo on your shoulder blade is cool but couldn't you find a nice shawl or sweater to wear over the backless dress (at least during mass)?

I think my FLIP video camera may have seen its last days.  Bummer.  I've been using the back-up DVD camera until I come up with  a solution. posts may not be as frequent...temporarily anyway.

Watching The Big Chill as I write this...a classic - how 'bout that cast, eh?

I am so blessed to have Sarah as the mother of my children.  Happy Mother's Day, hon!

The respect and love I have for my mother has grown exponentially since my daughters were born.  Happy Mother's Day, Ma.

The food shopping billl was a tad high today - $182.55!  Included in the total was Sarah's Mother's Day gift and $20 for Pull-Ups, however.  I also bought a few freezer stock-up items too.  So..not THAT bad.  Plus, I SAVED $43.52!

Summer session I for grad school starts in just over two weeks - just when I would have de-compressed from the spring semester classes!

I am toast today - time to hit the rack.

Good night world.

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