Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Take-out Tuesday.

As it goes, Sarah & I get take-out for dinner once a week, on average.  Some weeks no take-out...others maybe more than once.  Just Sarah & I - not for the girls, as they generally eat at a normal dinner time.  Sarah & I usually eat at about 7:30 - 8:00.

So... if you eliminate local pizza joints or restaurants and keep the list to typical "chain-type" restaurants, I came up with a Top Ten take-out list.  The list is based on how often we get take-out from the establishment and I used three factors:

(1) Service (did they get the order right and was it ready when they said it would be?)
(2) Quality of food and menu selection.
(3) Convenience - where are they located in proximity to our house?

10. Cracker Barrel - very predictable service and food quality.  A bit of a drive from our house, however.
9. Olive Garden - great food but poor location for us.

8. Outback - we have found that for take-out purposes, quality, quantity and accuracy are lacking.
7. 99 Restaurant - not a great menu and they have a "service charge" for take-out.
6. Five Guys Burgers - great burgers and fries, but location and selection not as good.
5. Friday's - convenient to us, but difficult for Sarah & me to find something on the menu we crave. Also, I always have to wait for our order (it seems).
4. Longhorn - another convenient take-out spot. I like their seven-pepper steak salad and they also have a chicken sandwich Sarah & I like.
3. Bertucci's - good overall take-out service (and selection).  A bit pricey, though.
2. Applebee's - the proximity to us keeps them from the very top of the list.
1. Chili's - most consistent all-around, by far.

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