Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brand New Day

What a difference a decent night of sleep can make in our house. Today was so much better than yesterday and I can guarantee it is because ALL three of the girls slept in their own beds ALL night without getting up (at all)!

It was a great night for sleeping with rain falling right at bedtime and there was no wind.  I swear our street acts as a wind tunnel and our house (because we are at the end of a cul de sac) gets the brunt of it!  Anyway...Sarah & I slept soundly also.   It all added up to a better day than yesterday and that is all I wanted. 

And Anna?  She was in such a better mood! All day.  Thank you God.  Yes, I still had to pour just the right amount of milk for her, but overall she was in much better spirits.  Anna & I even started to implement the "sit on the potty" routine - she was obviously proud.

This was week #1 of a two week break from school for me before I start summer session(s).  My goal is to savor these days - I may never have another two weeks like this again.

In the interest of restful sleep, I am cutting this post short.  Before I do that, take a peak at this picture from last week.  The girls all made a Kiss Box in preschool for Sarah.  It was so sweet watching their proud faces when each of them handed theirs to Sarah (they couldn't wait 'til Mother's Day)!

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