Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Commencement, some anger and a little bit of vomit.

Sarah was right in saying that my attending the graduation ceremony on Friday was somewhat anti-climactic.  I finish up the MBA program in August so there is still some work to be done.

I'm glad I went to the graduation however.  And even more happier that Sarah, Allie, Anna, Emily and Sarah's mom Sheila were there too.  Sure, the process of bringing three 5 year-old girls and having them sit through an event for "adults" was a trying experience.  But, they got to see the place where their daddy has been going to for MANY nights after work.  The girls got to see the place where daddy was while they were being tucked away to bed.  The place where daddy was when Allie would say "I miss daddy" to Sarah in a boo-whoo kind of voice!  Thanks for coming guys!

Friday (the day of the graduation) was nice weather-wise too.  Saturday was a wash-out, though.  We stayed home most of the day as a family with the exception of a trip to the local Target for a mini-shopping spree followed by bread sticks and pizza from the in-house Pizza Hut they have.

In other news...Sarah & I spent most of today following Allie & Emily around with a puke bucket.  No Anna, though (yet) - thank God.  They are all sleeping soundly right now - Sarah & I hope a restful night of sleep will help their resilient little bodies bounce back in the morning.

Even though the girls' tummies were upset, we were able to keep our plans of visiting Abigail today.  She should be turning 6 tomorrow.  They all picked out a balloon for Abigail.  Allie a pink dolphin.  Emily a butterfly and Anna picked a Snoopy balloon.  We also cleaned things up a bit and planted some nice flowers for our little angel.

While we were at the cemetery today I kept hearing an air horn but didn't give it much thought until Sarah told me it was coming from some kids who were "hanging out" at the cemetery.  I was not happy. AT ALL. Unfortunately both Sarah & I left the cemetery filled with anger.  We actually stopped the car and I told the young man (punk) in so many words to wise up.

A mass is being held for Abigail in the morning.  Our little angel.  Taken from our arms but not our herarts. 


Lily said...

Happy birthday, Abigail!

Dad to Triplets said...

Thank you Lily.