Friday, May 18, 2012

Massage Envy

Today went as planned for the girls with a picnic lunch and playground fun after school with Grandma G (my mother).  It was Grandma G's idea to have the picnic lunch at a park near her house that has, among other things, a playground and views of the Prudential and John Hancock towers.

Before I picked the girls up from school, I cashed in my birthday gift and got a one hour massage.  My first massage in YEARS was great.  I used to get a massage regularly before the girls were born.  And, before that, I got massages MUCH more frequently.  I was a Certified Massage Therapist back in the day.  While in school, I would sometimes get treatments 3-4 times in a week.  Simply awesome. was nice to have an hour of pure relaxation this morning.

I had a lunch packed for everyone when I picked them up from school so we headed straight to Grandma's.  Upon arrival, I cathed Anna while Emily & Allie hung out in Grandma's backyard swing seat. 

The weather was great - mid to high 70's.

I had been to this park in the past but hadn't taken notice of the playground areas.  They were perfect for the girls.  With the exception of a sliding pole and monkey bars, the girls could play on everything without adult help.

We hadn't been there long before Anna took the role of care-taker to a 22 month-old girl.  The girls were at one point battling over who would hold the little girl's hand!  When Anna got too close to another younger girl however, that girls was not as receptive and made it clear she wanted to play alone!

It was a good day, overall.  Allie, Anna & Emily provided a lot of laughs for Grandma.  I had meant to bring my video camera, but forgot.  That was the only bummer.

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Lily said...

Nothing like a massage!