Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disney Trip and CPA Exam

Since my last post, I have tested on two of the four sections of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. In addition to studying for and taking those sections, we took our second trip (this year) to Disney.  I have also been busy with a continued job search and my stay-at-home dad duties.  I just could not justify spending time on a blog post.

I am not shocked by the results of the first two sections of the exam (I received my grades on both), although I am still somewhat numb by receiving a 74 on one exam section when the passing grade is a 75!  I need to reread the fine print on scoring - maybe I can appeal and/or ask for a re-grading...

If you read Sarah's blog, you know we flew to Disney this time and it went about as good as it could have gone - considering it was our first time flying as a family.  Sarah's mom traveled with us again on this trip.  Having Grammy and flying Jet Blue were definite positives.  We stayed at the Art of Animation resort this time, which was  different than the Beach Club, for sure.  But the stark differences between the two resorts went unnoticed by our girls.  I think.

More on the exam and our vacation in future posts.  This is a clip of the girls meeting Alice in Wonderland for the first time: