Sunday, November 29, 2009

Multiples weekend.

This afternoon we plan to take our girls to a Christmas party being hosted by a local non-profit organization for families with multiples. We have been members of the group for a couple of years, but this will be the first event we attend.

Sarah and I are curious as to see how the girls react while in the company of so many twins, and triplets (maybe even some quads). Our girls' reactions will be especially interesting since they spent a few hours playing with identical 18 month old girls on Friday. I find it interesting to see how multiples interact with other multiples, in general. Either way, I'm hoping this afternoon's party provides some fun for the girls - in addition to an opportunity to burn off some energy!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You'll always have the memories.

My dad passed away somewhat suddenly, at the age of 79. Among the many heartfelt words I received from friends, co-workers, and acquaintances was something said by a former colleague of mine. Ed had lost his dad also (at a much younger age, though). In the email from Ed, among other things, was the the words "You'll always have the memories, Rich". I didn't really know the true meaning of his words at the time. As time has passed (it has been over six years since my dad's passing), I have become to know the meaning of the words you'll always have the memories.

You see - I have twelve brothers and sisters - yes, my mother and father raised thirteen children! There was no reality television series on the G family. No book. We were not part of any television commercials. My mother wasn't even interviewed by the local newspaper. We just lived our lives - we formed memories, one day at a time. Camping in New Hampshire. Trips to the Cape in the summer. Weekends at a family "cottage". Christmas morning. Birthdays, which always included a cake made by "Ma" (my mother). Memories. My dad working a second job so that he could take us on vacations. Ma taking us to see The Enchanted Village at Jordan Marsh in Boston. My mom's homemade mac n' cheese on Friday nights. Watching Walt Disney on Sunday nights in our pajamas. Memories.

The meaning of those words has become clear as Sarah and I start to form memorable experiences with our daughters Allie, Anna and Emily. Amidst the sometimes tiring, sometimes frustrating, sometimes crazy life of raising our daughters, Sarah and I can at least attempt to create lasting memories for them. That's one small thing we can do. Because, unlike toys, clothes, and other "things", memories live on.

I think the most important thing my wife Sarah's blog accomplishes is that the blog seals the memories away for our family. Visiting The Enchanted Village last weekend (see Sarah's post about our trip) sparked the idea for this blog post. I am grateful to have had a childhood filled with such great memories. I pray that Sarah and I are able to pass the gift of memories along to our girls. Every child deserves that much.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another day with my girls.

I was home with the girls on Wednesday. Although exhausted from back-to-back nights sleeping on couch cushions on the living room floor, I had a nice day with my cuties. After some cereal for breakfast, the girls went right to playing:

Emily with the Little People
Anna in the kitchen

Allie with The Little People

Later, while I was in an adjacent room, I peaked in and heard Anna saying "Ahldie (Allie) and me are blowing out the candles" It's a Doug & Melissa Birthday Cake with candles:

Mid-morning we made our way to the local grocery store. Having done this solo a couple of times now, it is a bit easier. The girls look forward to sitting in the "car" and "driving" the shopping cart. The girls also know that when Daddy takes them for a ride, they will get doughnuts. Today was no exception. Before we began shopping, I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts counter inside the grocery store. "Ten glazed munchkins, please." The girls got 3 each and I ate the remaining donut hole (as I've heard them referred to as). The girls were very well behaved and we received the usual comments from strangers - all complimentary, of course!

The girls were a bit wound up when we got home as witnessed by Emily's trick to get onto the pack n' play: I'm not sure what happened at nap, but Anna and Em were pretty much screaming when they woke up. Allie was just lying in her crib with a look that said "What do I need to do to get some sleep in this house!?" The grumpy and tired girls spent the first 45 minutes or so after nap looking like this:While they watched this guy:

I was shocked that I could get them to watch something besides Cailou(sp?) or Barney!

These pics depict some of the fun we had the remainder of the afternoon. Allie: