Friday, May 4, 2012

I Wish There Were Four

We had a perfect storm today.  It started last night with Allie, Anna and Emily all waking up and pulling some stunt with Sarah like "sleep with me Mommy" or "I'm scared".  Last night's "events" took a toll on both of us.  But Sarah was especially tired and on edge today from lack of sleep.  And the girls were ALL in form today.  All I can say is that thankfully the day is over.  I knew a guy who used to say that if you are having a bad day, make it a short day - go to bed early.  Well, Sarah & I may not be able to get to bed early but Allie, Anna & Emily were in bed before 7:00 pm tonight and I think they were asleep by 7:15.

The day started out great.  As Sarah & I have done the past few weeks, we dropped the girls at preschool, went to breakfast and then came home.  We each did our own things under the roof of an extremely peaceful roof.  It was nice.

But...with the exception of a few peaceful stretches, pretty much from the time we picked the girls up from preschool (11:00ish) until bedtime (7:00), it was one thing after another.  Anna was especially out of control.  Both Sarah & I lost it more than once today.  It was not pretty. It was every little thing.  We got everything from "I'm not eating that!" to "Anna took my _____!" to several flat-out responses of "NO!" from the girls when we told them to do something.

Like I said, I am just glad the day is over.  Hope for better sleep tonight and better behavior from the girls tomorrow.

We need to remember that today was not the norm.  It was The Perfect Storm of bad behavior. I understand some kids act this way every day.  We are lucky.

Allie said something today which puts things in perspective for us:

Allie & Emily had had enough of being outside late this afternoon and said they wanted to go in the house.  Anna wanted to stay out and play.  Anna made her point clear by crying and stomping her feet (like she had been doing most of the day).  Allie said to me:

"I wish there were four of us so two could stay out and play and two of us could go in the house.  I wish Abbey hadn't died.  There would be four of us.  Two could play outside while the other two could go in the house."

I know Allie.  We wish Abbey hadn't died either.

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