Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roger Williams Zoo

As parents to triplets our concerns when visiting a zoo are probably no different than those of any other parent (of multiples, singleton, etc.), especially since our girls are more independent now.

The factors Sarah & I consider when we plan a trip to a zoo are location (how long will it take us to get there), cost, weather, crowds and time of day.

We visited the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence a couple of weeks ago for the third time (I believe) and this was by far the best visit we have had.

In terms of cost, this visit was free thanks to the family membership that we purchased last year for about $80.  For us, the family membership pretty much pays for itself the first visit and this was our second visit under this annual membership thank you very much.

Weather was great too with overcast skies but warm temperatures - @70 degrees.

Our Saturday morning arrival was perfect timing too.  We saw most of the zoo and were home before 2:00 (if I remember correctly).  As we were leaving, swarms of people were entering the zoo.

Although I would not call us zoo experts by any means, both Sarah & I agree Roger Williams Zoo is a good, all-around zoo.  There are a fair number of animals including all the "must-sees" such as giraffes and elephants.  The one exception is lions.  No lions.  The food is...well, it is zoo food and priced accordingly.  We don't go there for the food, nor do we expect to get a good value on our lunches there.  I consider it a way for the zoo to supplement their revenue and I am fine with that.

Sarah, as always, has some good pics from our trip to Roger Williams Zoo.  Check them out here if you haven't already.  Oh....the pictures Sarah took of the girls on the statue of the looks like I am posing but I am not!  I thought I was just there to ensure the girls didn't fall off the statue - I didn't think I was going to be in the pictures.  I look ridiculous!

Here's some video footage from our visit:


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