Saturday, May 5, 2012

All Things China

All I can say is that I am glad my group project for my International Accounting class was completed on Wednesday.  We submitted our paper and presented (as did all groups) during class on Wednesday as well.  Just like the old Rolaids commercial - How do you spell RELIEF?  Done.  Over.  Finished.

Sitting through six group presentations on accounting practices in various countries was tough.  We did ours on China.  Even after all the reading and discussion on Chinese Accounting I did, I "got nothin". 

I was telling Sarah, however, that it amazes me that some of my fellow students are in graduate level classes.  Stop staring at the screen when you are presenting!  Stop reading from a script!  Look at your audience! 

Kind of related news:

I took the girls with me to an "unfinished" wood product store the other day.  It's called Mill Stores.  I was shopping for bookcases for Anna and Emily so I told the girls there may be something there for them to pick-out that they could paint.  After going back-and-forth on a couple of things they settled on butterfly nets!

Even before they had the long-handled nets in their hands, most eyes were on them as we shopped. The sight of Allie, Em and Anna walking out to the van carrying the butterfly nets was classic though.  I cannot wait for the butterflies to appear in our yard and the girls start their chase - THAT will be a sight.

Oh, the nets were made guess where ______?  CHINA. Yes.  MADE IN CHINA.

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