Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I run because some cannot.

Many years ago, I met a friend at the Nike store on Newbury Street in Boston after work for a group run.  At the time (not sure if they still do it), the Nike store did group runs from the store.

Nike had Lynn Jennings (US Olympic runner) speak before the run.  She also led the group run which was along the Charles River.

One thing that Ms. Jennings said that night has stuck with me.  She said that whenever she had a choice between taking an escalator and stairs, she took the stairs.  Because she could.

She took the stairs because she could and because others don't have that choice.

In conjunction with a road race I am doing in the coming days, I am fundraising for an organization which benefits children (and adults) like my daughter Anna who have Spina Bifida.

If you would like to donate to the cause, please email me at for information on how to donate.  (For privacy purposes I prefer not to put the information on the blog.)

If you don't know Anna through my postings or my wife Sarah's blog, she did a post today which illustrates one of the many challenges Anna faces.  Here is the link to  Sarah's post.

Thank you!