Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How do you tell them apart?

The girls spent some considerable time going through pictures we had in our basement office over the weekend and asking questions (of course).  Who is this Daddy?  Is that me Daddy?  Mommy, look at this picture!?  Isn't that cute, Mommy? And on some pictures they would do the descriptive, such as (when looking at a picture of the CASES of formula we had in house): This is a picture of the milk Mommy & Daddy had because we used to drink so much milk when we were babies.

Since they discovered the pictures over the weekend,  Anna has been bringing pictures up to me and repeatedly asking me who is in the picture - Allie, Anna or Emily?  And I will admit that, in most cases, unless Anna's shunt was noticeable, I cannot tell them apart in many of the older pictures.  Crazy.  It's funny because we still sometimes get the question from people: How do you tell them apart? Well, uh because we are their parents! And we are with them every day (for part of the day anyway) for over 5 years!  Hello!

So..in the spirit of pictures of the girls when they were younger - this is a picture taken by Sarah's mom (I think). I believe it was taken late summer or early fall 2008.  Identifying them in this picture is easier because Anna has her head turned and her shunt is noticeable.  They are also in birth order, which helps.

Save a few bucks category: ....Sarah is addicted to Diet Pepsi Cherry (flavored) and being value-minded folk like we are, we only purchase a 12 pack of the stuff when it is on sale. Yes we are a bit cheap, but hey $4.99 a 12-pack versus $4.00 a 12 pack is...well...a $1 dollar savings. PER 12-pack.

Sarah goes thru at least two 12-packs a week so it adds up! I saw that Stop & Shop had the Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi on sale at (3) 12-packs for $9. I bought six 12-packs (must buy 3 to get sale price) yesterday. Total savings $14.74. Thank you very much.

Having time to shop for sale items makes a difference, of course.  We usually don't have the luxury of time to be going store to store for bargains.

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