Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anna Banana

Today was a day in which I wished I could have crawled into my daughter Anna's body so that I could know what she was thinking.

Anna had a tough day today.  Sarah & I had a tough day with Anna today.

Not the whole day.  Not all day.  There were moments of pure frustration, though.

I just came down from Anna's bedroom where she is sleeping soundly.  She is exhausted, this I know.  Sarah & I are exhausted.  Last night's wake-up calls from Anna and Allie were killers.

You see...Anna met another doctor today.  Anna is 5.  True, there are plenty of children who have many, many more challenges than her. 

I think Anna is not happy with being "different" right now. And having to miss dance class with her sisters to sit in waiting rooms and listen to yet another doctor ask questions, check her tummy, and look at her spine added up to one very unhappy girl today.

Sarah and I decided that she would take Emily and Allie to dance class and I would take Anna to the doctor.  In the past, we had sometimes ALL taken the trek into Boston for Anna's appointments.  It made more sense for just Anna & I to go today, however.

It was a very quiet ride.  I do not have a problem with.  At all.  In hindsight, however, I wonder what Anna was thinking as we drove in.

So... the short story of the doctor visit is that we scheduled a consult with this GI doctor after so-so results from a different GI doctor previously.  Today's initial consult was productive.

Anna didn't say a word to the nurse, the doctor or the medical student who sat in on the consult.  Strictly head nods of "yes" and "no" from Anna.

At one point the doctor asked me how many times a day Anna goes #2.  I didn't know how to respond.  She just goes.  She has no control.  He recommended we put her on the potty twice a day after meals to see if she can go. 

The other big thing discussed was periodic enemas and a MACE procedure sometime in the future.  The MACE procedure is the direction we are heading.  Theoretically, the procedure would get Anna closer to a "normal" day with fewer (if not zero) accidents.

How much of this conversation I had with the doctor today did Anna take in?  How much did she understand?

Sarah and I think Anna knows exactly what is going on.  We just want her to talk to us rather than flip out over the fact that Daddy poured her milk rather than Mommy, for example.

Anna, we love you and just want you to be happy.  Please work with us.


Lily said...

Oh, poor thing. Hope the MACE procedure will make things easier on Anna.

Just the Tip said...

Ah. We have thus far let the uro handle our #2 issues. But I have a consult scheduled with a GI P's little sister sees (whom I love) who I hope can get us on the right path of what to do the beginning of June.

We were given some samples of a specific type of enema not to long ago and told a little bit about the cone enemas. P will ONLY go if she takes medicine to make her go. Does Anna have to take anything to go?

We have the Mitofanoff and Mace in the back of our head. I feel for you guys with Anna's age. P is only 2 1/2 and has started asking questions like "why can't I potty train" and "will morgan be able too (little sister). It's heart breaking to say the least. We are actually getting her set up with a pediatric psychologist just to have someone we like that can grow with her and help her through the difficult times of being..different.

Good luck and I hope the procedure does awesome things for her to achieve bowel continence.

Vesti said...

My son just turned 2. We do a cone enema nightly and he stays poop-free for 24 hours. After almost 2 years of constant poop, we're loving it! I often wonder what he's thinking as well. When we sit in waiting rooms he will usually say "I ok. No more doctor." *sigh* I can't imagine how it will be when he's 5.

Dad to Triplets said...

Just the Tip - thanks for sharing your experience. Gives us some things to consider and think about...

Vesti - thank you also for sharing your experience. The GI said at Anna's age the enema may be tough for her. It is time to try something, though!