Tuesday, May 8, 2012

45 before 46 List.

With another birthday fast approaching and the end of my MBA in sight,  I decided to put in writing some of the places I've been as well as some things I've done.  As it goes, this is in no particular order:

  1. Climbed Ayers Rock (in Australia).
  2. Got my picture taken with Larry Bird
  3. Ran the bases of Fenway Park (at night when the park was closed)
  4. Camped in the White Mountains
  5. Took a gondola ride through the canals of Venice
  6. Completed the Boston Marathon
  7. Married a beautiful woman
  8. Watched our beautiful daughter Abigail grow in Sarah's tummy
  9. Became the dad of a beautiful girl named Alicenne.
  10. Became the dad of a beautiful girl named Anna
  11. Became the dad of a beautiful girl named Emily
  12. Ran the Falmouth Road Race (many times)
  13. Ran a 5K road race in 21 minutes.
  14. Toured Australia with my younger brother Don
  15. Got drunk in King's Cross in Australia
  16. Received a BS with a concentration in Accounting.
  17. Got to watch my mother father dance...many times
  18. Became a godfather to one of my nephews
  19. Became a godfather to one my nieces.
  20. Completed the Disney Marathon
  21. Visited the Tower of Pisa.
  22. Got a sunburn while touring the ruins of Pompeii.
  23. Paid my way through undergraduate school.
  24. Visited many of the beaches of Cape Cod.
  25. Sat in the (old) Boston Garden and watched Larry Bird play basketball.
  26. Went to see the J. Giels Band play at the same Boston Garden.
  27. Saw Whitney Houston perform at the Berklee Performance Center (years before the movie Bodyguard).
  28. Snorkeled The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  29. Went to Augusta and watched The Masters.
  30. Lived in a one-bathroom house with my 9 brothers and 3 sisters.
  31. Honeymooned in Hawaii.
  32. Lied on the beaches of Aruba.
  33. Have never been admitted to a hospital overnight.
  34. Jumped out of an airplane.
  35. Witnessed my daughter Anna take her first steps
  36. Received many many squeeze hugs from my daughter Emily
  37. Told my father I loved him (even if it was over the phone!)
  38. Completed the Marine Corps Marathon (with humidity levels close to 80%)
  39. Came extremely close to shaking President Clinton's hand.
  40. Grew up in a two parent home.
  41. Visited Yellowstone National Park
  42. Took my daughters to Disney World
  43. Watched the sun set over Key West
  44. Became a Certified Massage Therapist
  45. Gambled in Vegas
This was a cool exercise even though I chose not to put down a couple of things near and dear to me.


Karen said...

Hi Rich, Please share this post with Sarah. I am not really a blog person, I just happened upon thegreatumbrellaheist when I was voting for another blog on the top baby blogs list that belongs to colleague at work. I was immediately hooked on her blog, never miss it and when she posted a few links to your blog, I started following you too. Perhaps I feel more of a connection to you both since my husband is from the Boston area (we live in AZ now) and because we have a grammy that helps out too! Being a parent to an almost two year old boy, I feel compelled to keep returning to both of your blogs to learn more about your family and get a precursor to the kinds of things I can expect in a few years. :) Thanks for the regular blog posts and I just wanted to write to let you both know that I am sure there are many people like me that really appreciate your blog but rarely, if never, post!

Dad to Triplets said...

Thank you for the nice comment, Karen. Good timing with your comment too as I sometimes wonder if I am "talking" to myself!

Is your husband a Celtics fan? Great game tonight!

Danielle said...

Definitely not talking to yourself Rich! I read, just never comment, and also read Sarah's blog, and comment (very) occasionally on hers. I am an Aussie, and never realised you had been to Australia? I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Did you come here? You should bring Sarah and the girls Down Under! P.S... VERY brave getting drunk in Kings Cross!

Jilly said...

You're not talking to yourself! I read this blog and Sarah's regularly. I don't have children of my own (yet), but somehow I always blab about you guys to my husband (the other day it was something Disney-related, another time it was about the weather, since I live a few hours away). He's probably sick of hearing, "You know the blog with the triplets? Well..."

You seem like a lovely family, and very genuine. And PS - since I'm a night owl, I love that I have something new to read after midnight!

Dad to Triplets said...

Danielle - Ta! Only flew thru Brisbane (I learned it is pronounced Brisbin) did not stay. Stayed in Fort Douglas (Cains?), Alice Springs and Sydney. My brother was working in Melbourne at the time. Loved the people of Australia - so friendly!

Jilly - thank you! I'm happy to hear Sarah & I provide some late night reading for you!