Friday, March 29, 2013

Daddy - Daughter Dance.

Our town holds both father-daughter and mother-son dances each year staring with kindergarten-aged children.  So...this was the first year my girls got to take their daddy to the dance!

It was exhausting, and at times a little stressful (trying to keep an eye on 3 six-year olds), but a ton of fun. I couldn't have been more proud being the father of these girls!

It was also fun to watch each one of the girls connect with at least one friend during the night.  Simply adorable.  Especially Emily and her friend "S". "S" is a peanut like Emily. And they adore each other!  I think they held each other's hand all night long.

Here is a picture Sarah took before the dance.  She insisted the picture be taken outside (for the lighting) = why we look a bit chilly.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just call me stupid?

Yesterday was the day which marked the one year mark of me leaving my former employer.  Maybe that is why I was so down (and still am).  I also received my grade for the fourth part of the CPA exam which I had taken late last month.  I did not pass.

I texted Sarah telling her I am an idiot and that I wanted to cry.  The whole job search and exam situation is wearing me down.  BIG time.

I am trying to be positive.  I want to provide income for our family (and my retirement).  I have over two decades of experience in my field and I feel like employers many times put me on par with someone with 3 - 7 years of experience. And they expect me to take a 25 - 30% pay cut.

Believe me, I am grateful for what we have as a family - not only financially, but in terms of love for each other.  Sarah works her *ss off each and every day, whether at the office or at home. She is good at her profession and gets compensated accordingly (thankfully).

Am I a loser? A loafer?  No, I am not either of those, but sometimes it just feels like I am.