Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cry babies.

Almost two months since I last posted!?  I shouldn't be that surprised...

Been working - on a project at the corporate office of a bank in Boston.  This is through a temporary agency so no benefits.  But a paycheck (albeit small).

Been running - a little, anyway.  Falmouth is less than 9 weeks away and I have some training to do!

Been feeling the love - Allie, Anna and Emily fill my basket.  EVERY DAY.  Hugs, kisses, laughs and smiles.  Times three.  It's awesome.

Been looking for permanent employment - exhausting, frustrating, and draining.  But necessary.

Been feeling proud - of my girls.  Their work in school.  Their dance recital.  Their gymnastics show.

Been stressed - Sarah's work has been unbelievably taxing (no pun intended) on her. And us.

Been crying - tears of joy and sadness.  Abigail's birthday was last week.

Been thinking how the cries of a baby have taken on a whole new meaning to me.  How it hurts so bad that we never heard Abigail cry.