Sunday, January 18, 2009

While They Were Sleeping.

While the girls were napping, I took my inexpensive point-and-shoot digital camera to grab a couple of pictures from our yard of the snowfall we got today. As you can see, the pictures did not come out good. Oh well. I'll be sure to use the Nikon next time.
This is the girls' jungle gym, which they loved last year. We hope it gets plenty of use again this year. The beauty of plastic is that it can withstand the elements!

The snowfall has been substantial so far this year and I would guess we got about 5 inches with this snowfall.

My plan is to use the snow blower to clear the snow AFTER the girls awake from thier nap, unlike the rest of the men in the neighborhood who started their snow blowers about 10 minutes after the girls fell asleep. The girls have slept through the noise of the snow blowers so far today, thank goodness. I don't know why but it seems as though, all summer, when a neighbor powered up his lawnmower it was when the girls were napping. Now, so far this winter, the same has held true for the snow blowing. Not much we can do about that, unfortunately.

Enjoy the snow.


Nicole O'Dell said...

I think the pics are just fine!

And, I totally know what you mean about noisy lawn equipment and's like a beacon to cut grass/blow snow, etc.

Rich said...

I got them back - the next morning I had to snow blow my driveway at 7:00 am! LOL.