Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recycled Vinyl.

Do you recycle? We do our best to recycle anything we can. Over the summer, our town changed their curbside recycling program, making it simpler and easier for households to recycle. The process previously was the standard - paper in one container, metal and plastics in the other container(s). Our containers would always be packed.

The new system is pretty cool - EVERYTHING goes in one big recycling bin which is picked up (literally) by the Waste Management truck (Sheila still cannot get over this - who separates the stuff!?). A separate truck comes by and does the same for the "trash only" container. Not bad.

I kept the old recycling bins, knowing I could find a use for them eventually. The other day I tested something out, and it seems to work. As in states in my profile, I was a disc jockey back "in the day" when music was played on a record player (no, I did not scratch!). I have kept my record collection from those days and have 5 milk crates filled with 12" vinyl records, mostly 12" singles. I'll have to do a separate post on my DJ days - back when Madonna, LL Cool J,Jackson Five, New Edition, U2, and yes, New Kids on The Block, were the craze.

Those crates are heavy and have been moved many, many times (probably close to at least two dozen times) - just ask my brother Chris! You see, the old milk crates could be stacked, but not for an extended period of time without doing some damage. The records do fit in the old town recycling bins, though! AND the crates can be stacked without doing any damage!

Some use recycling bins for their intended purpose, some others steal pop stars recycling bins for fun, I am using them to store my vinyl. What are your recycling bins used for?


Nicole O'Dell said...

Cool collection!

kdliberty said...

They don't give us recyling bind here. However, nice collection!