Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day with Daddy (so far).

Sarah had to go to work today, so I have the girls all to my lonesome today, Saturday. Not that big of a deal - I've had them all day several times before. Today is a little different in that I came down with a fairly strong cold on Thursday while at work. Because we are busy closing the books for 2008, I dragged my butt into the office on Friday. My boss says " shouldn't have come in..." I agree. I ended up getting a mid-day train home and napped/rested yesterday afternoon, knowing there would not be an opportunity to rest today. So I am not feeling great today.

So far today it's been fun with the girls even though we are all a bit cranky. Me, due to my cold and the girls' crankiness from being up late (see Sarah's post from Friday).

Snow forecasted for overnight and tomorrow morning. Sarah may have to work tomorrow also - could be interesting!

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