Monday, January 12, 2009

Editor in Chief.

I started this blog with no real expectations, nor forethought to the content. I kind of "went with the flow" in terms of the set-up, my profile, and subject matter. Certain items were posted on this blog in hopes that it may help someone and/or educate others. Now that I have had the blog up for about a month, I have a better feel for the whole blogging thing.

So...this past week I was thinking about how readers of my posts could form biased opinions about me from reading this blog. Specifically, I have been thinking about my references to friends of Bill W. So I went to my best friend (Sarah) and asked for an objective point of view. Long story, short: based upon my discussion with Sarah, and many other factors, I decided to remove a couple of things from the blog. (These changes, by the way, would have probably gone unnoticed by most, had I not pointed them out.)

I have to admit it bothers me somewhat to have to make these changes to my blog. However, over the years, I have found that keeping parts of my life private is sometimes, but not always, best.

To Thine Own Self Be True.

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