Saturday, January 17, 2009


One of the many statements that have been made to us, as parents of triplets, is: "...they will have each other to play with..." Although our girls are not quite at the playing stage, they do provide entertainment for each other and at times do play with each other without one of the girls getting unintentionally hurt. Here are the girls "playing" with each other this morning:
I think Anna started this play romp and wound up in the middle of a sister-sandwich!

Before Sarah left for work (hopefully the last weekend for awhile), Allie cuddled-up for a story with mommy:
The girls were saying "Momma", so I just phoned in to Sarah at her office, via speaker phone. It's funny - they are not quite sure what to think of the phone and get a bit shy!

Stay warm, everyone.


Ellen said...

What wonderful pictures!! Looks like they really enjoy "playing"!!

Rich said...

Hi Ellen - yes the "playing" time has been increasing, with some crying inbetween, of course!