Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moments with my girls.

No pictures to share in this post, but I do want to share a couple of moments I had with my girls.

The first moment was Friday evening arriving home from work. The girls' high chairs are located in the dining room, which is visible from the driveway side of our home. As I am pulling up to the house, I see two of the girls, the closest to the window is Emily. I can see Emily pointing in my direction as she spots me (or the car anyway)as I pull in to the driveway. I stop halfway up the driveway to watch and wave, although I don't think they can see my face in the dark. Anna, who is sitting in the highchair next to Emily, is also craning her neck to see who is there. I cannot hear them, but I imagine them saying "thdat" or "oooo". I smile, pull in the garage and come in the house. I go see my daughters, who are all smiling at me. I give them each a kiss. That makes my day.

Second moment: tonight. While Sarah starts dinner (yummy - thank you, hon), I put a video of the girls on TV to entertain them (and entertain Sarah & me). The video is from the beginning of December until today. Some great stuff - Christmas day, the girls "playing" with their younger cousin Grace, the girls playing paddy-cake along with The Wiggles, etc. Allie, Anna and Em loved watching themselves on TV! The moment is when all three girls wanted "up" with Daddy on the couch. Three loving, cute, beautiful girls on my lap. Not a care in the world. Made my day.

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