Monday, January 26, 2009

What are you talking about Willis?

Sarah emailed me today, suggesting we think about getting a front-to-back, foldable, triple stroller. She found one on the internet marked down to $100, which is a good deal. It would definitely be nice to have this type of stroller for situations when either one of us is home alone and wants to take the girls to the store, etc.

If we do purchase this stroller, we will have a total of five strollers! There is, however, a reason for the number of strollers we have...

We have a single Britax from when Sarah was pregnant with Abigail. When our girls were born, we did research on triple strollers. We decided, however, to pass on purchasing a triple at that time. A good, practical triple stroller cost in excess of $500. In addition, the ones worth purchasing are only good for neighborhood walks as they will not fit in most vehicles. So...we decided to buy a Graco double, which was a good choice. For the first year, having the single and double worked great - they both fit easily in the van with room for groceries, etc.

As the girls approached their first birthday, we started to look at getting a jogging stroller, since we both enjoy running so much. We decided on a single Baby Jogger, thinking one adult could push the double, while the other ran with the single jogger. I found a Baby Jogger single on CL for $125 - not bad. When I met the seller to complete the transcation we had the girls with us, so the seller guy made a few standard triplet comments. One of the comments he made as he was leaving was " are going to wish you bought a double jogger..." Ya, right. We now had three strollers.

About a month or two later, we starting to think that it would be nice to be able to take the girls for a walk with just one adult. We did more stroller research and discovered that many parents of multiples use jogging strollers for walking because of the ease with which the jogging strollers roll. Again, to purchase a new triple jogging stroller would set us back close to $700. To Craiglist I returned in search of a used triple jogging stroller - I found a Baby Jogger triple for $150!! And the woman selling it lived in the same town as us, thank you! Buying the triple Baby Jogger was probably one of the best purchases we made. Sheila (Grammy) wore a path in the sidewalk this past summer pushing the girls all around town. We may have caused a few accidents from drivers turning their heads too! We now had four strollers.

So, here we are thinking about buying another stroller. If anyone had told me two years ago that we would be considering purchasing a fifth stroller, I would have probably responded with a "Whach you talkin' 'bout Willis?"!


Ellen said...

Rich...GREAT story!! I had a good laugh!! Thanks!!


Rich said...

Hi Ellen - glad you got a laugh!

Sarah said...

Don't forget the Choo Choo Wagon!