Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A hello from a friend.

You never know what a hello or "hey" to someone can mean.

Sarah and I were walking from the train to our car tonight - talking about work , I believe. As we start to go down a set of stairs, I get a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see a friend of Bill W. - his name is Paul. I had met Paul at a meeting sometime before our girls were born and we spoke to each other a little bit -fatherhood and other things. I don't know Paul really well, but he seems to me to be a sincere, upbeat, energetic guy. Tonight, Paul just gave me the head nod and a smile, which I returned with an added "...hey - how's it going!?"

Paul is just one of many from the fellowship that I bump into in the "real world" - grocery store, train station, gas station, etc. It's always nice to see a friend of Bill W. outside of a meeting, even if it is just a head nod or a quick hello.

For those unfamiliar with the fellowship, there is a connection amongst members unlike any other. It's nice. Good to see you, Paul.

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