Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Post.

My Saturday mornings for the past few weeks have been spent with the girls, as Sarah as either been working or sleeping-in (from working late during the week).

Many of these Saturdays I'll take the girls for a short ride to run an errand and the girls can have a change of scenery. These trips are usually to the bank drive-thru or local coffee shop drive-thru. Last Saturday, the girls and I were all set to go when I realized the battery to the van was dead! In our haste the prior evening, we had left one of the doors ajar overnight, which was enough to drain the battery. I called AAA and, of course, I had let our membership run out. Rather than spend the $40 or whatever the membership fee is to renew that day, I figured I could jump start it myself when Sarah got home. No ride with Daddy today girls - sorry!

Sarah's brother Pat came by on Sunday and got the van going for us. Not the first time Pat has helped us out of a jam - he knows his car stuff (especially Volvos)!

Anyway, I wanted Sarah to sleep in today. So, before Sarah woke up, I got the girls ready to run some errands. And yes, the van did start this morning. (The garage door was a different story, though.) We went to the bank, drove by our old house, and then went to the town recycle area to drop off some batteries. The attendant at the recycle center was making small talk while I waited to pull in to a spot. He was nice enough. I don't think he saw all three of the girls so he just said something like " got your little bambinos in there, eh?". I responded with a simple "ya" and then he said something like "..they grow up so fast...". No triplet comment, no "you must have your hands full"! Ahhh...what it must be like to be a singleton parent!

Anyway, I got a picture of the girls before we headed out the door. The GAP sweatshirts were a gift from Sarah's aunt Ellen and uncle Joe. Amazingly enough, when I said to the girls "...Daddy wants to get a picture....", after a little help, they sat next to each other for this photo:

Sitting still didn't last long at all, of course, as you can see from this picture. Allie - exit, stage left. Em - exit, stage right. Anna, meanwhile, sat quietly holding her "peas". Too funny.
This was later, after I came back - Sarah gave them all magazines to "read". I think it is funny when they sit and flip through the magazines, one page at a time!

It's cold here today - stay warm.

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