Monday, January 5, 2009

Number one comment (still).

I'm not sure if the comments on our girls have lessened, or if Sarah and I now do more to avoid comments. Either way, it seems to me that I don't hear as many comments on our girls as I used to hear. Case in point is a trip we made a trip to the local Target the other day. During this particular trip, I only remember hearing one comment.
For those with multiples, I'll give you one guess what the comment was. " must have your hands full...". So, you must have your hands full remains the number one comment we hear about our daughters!

Moving on...I haven't posted pics of the girls recently, so here are a few of the cuties, taken in the last week or so.
Anna proudly wearing a Santa hat:
Allie, looking somewhat bored:

Emily, looking a bit mischievous

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