Monday, December 29, 2008

A Sunday afternoon.

We took the girls to visit Grandma yesterday afternoon. The trip was an exception, given the winter weather we have been having and the logistics of traveling with three 20 month old. The girls saw Grandma at the family Christmas party before Christmas, but were not able to see her on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Grandma is somewhat of a snowbird as she goes to parts sunny for a few months each winter. Since they will not see Grandma until April, we decided to head to her house yesterday for a short visit. I was very happy with the girls and I think Grandma enjoyed seeing them too!

They, of course were interested in Grandma's nativity set - this is Anna and Allie with Grandma:

Em pointing to one of the Three Kings, saying "dhat":

The pointing quickly changed to touching and grabbing, so Grandma pulled out one of her Christmas gifts to distract/entertain. Anna thought the electronic keyboard was funny:

Part of the day's entertain also included dancing. At one point Grandma told Allie to dance with Em and she did! (We were unable to get a photo of that, of course) Here is Allie:

You may have notice the cat slippers Grandma is wearing. Yes, the girls were also somewhat fascinated with the slippers.

Overall, I think it was a successful mini-road trip. We hope to do these visits on a regular basis in the future. Have fun in Florida, Grandma!

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