Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog banner.

I never thanked my wife Sarah for both the idea and creation of my blog banner. Thank you, hon. Sarah has become quite the "wiz" when it comes to digital scrapbooking, using Photoshop Elements and blogging. And she is the inspiration/push behind me starting this blog.

The banner: the shoes from left to right are: my Saucony Grid Stabils (which I have been running in for years), Sarah's Asics, followed by Allie, Anna and Emily's "running" shoes. The photo is an "aerial" shot by Sarah as she positioned herself on the kitchen counter!

I should also note that Sarah suggested the name of my blog, which I like a lot. Instead of "Running with Scissors"...get it? It should also be noted that one of the reasons the blog started was because Sarah thinks I write well. I'm not sure how good my writing is, but I do know I get enjoyment and a "sense of self" by writing.

So, thank you to my wife for pushing me to start a blog. Regardless of where or how the blog goes, I am glad I decided to try it on for size.