Sunday, December 21, 2008

Life of the Party.

My side of the family had our Christmas Party on Saturday. Siince my family is so large - 13 siblings and 20+ nephews and nieces (some of which are married also), we usually rent a hall. This year we had the party at local K of C hall.

The drive to get to the party was a little tough, given it was later in the day AND the roads were not exactly in great shape. We had a pretty substantial snowfall on Friday and it seems as though the snow hasn't stopped since then. Anyway, we made it there safe and sound.

My daughters initially were shell-shocked when we walked into the hall. Imagine ALL faces turning to see "the triplets". It didn't take long for the girls to get comfortable, though. Once they discovered the open floor to run, the Christams tree with gifts, and all the adults to follow around and stare at, they were off and running! Here are a couple of snapshots.

Allie and Em

To make what could be a long blog short, the girls were the life of the party!

We hopped in the car for the ride home @7:00pm expecting the girls to fall fast asleep, which didn't happen. They were all geared up and did not end up falling asleep until almost 9:30 last night (their normal bedtime is 7:30)!

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