Monday, December 22, 2008

Play Kitchen Assembly.

I started to put together the girls' Christmas gift from Santa last week and tonight was the first night since last week I was able to work on it. I have a feeling it will take me a few more hours to assemble. They call it a "walk-in" kitchen or something like that. It's from Step 2 and it has gotten good reviews by parents we know, and it has also gotten positive feedback on the internet. We decided it would be the girls' "big" gift this year. Here is what it looks like so far:

The reason for this post is not to whine about spending my time putting it together. The post is just to put things into perspective. In the background of the picture (they are not visible) are three disassembled cribs. Those cribs are not being used because they were recalled. Prior to being recalled, the cribs were disassembled and together at least twice due to us moving twice before the girls' were even seven months old. So - two x three = at least six times I was putting the cribs together or taking them apart!

So what is the perspective? I have the three most adorable little girls a daddy could ever ask for. Spending my time putting together cribs or a play kitchen set is nothing when I think about the joy the girls bring to my life. Besides, how many little girls don't even have a daddy to hug or a toy to play with? It's all about perspective, all about perspective.

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Sarah said...

Or how many daddies don't have their little girl to hug?