Friday, December 19, 2008

Random thoughts on the season's first significant snowfall.

With the arrival of the season's first significant snowfall hours away, it is the "buzz". When will it start? How much are we getting? The commute home is going to be a nightmare...all that stuff. WE LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND people - get over it!!

Sarah and I were talking last night about how it would be fun to bring the girls out in the snow BUT they do not have boots. Sarah informed me that they are wearing the show size of an infant who isn't walking yet so it is difficult to find boots their size. They cannot wear their sneaker-shoes in the snow, so I started to think about the boot box we had in our basement as a kid.

The boot box was filled with various sizes of those green rubber boots that go up to the knee. With so many kids in the house, it was a first-come, first-serve with the boots. I think half the time I was walking in the snow with boots one or two sizes too big or too small! I also remember having the plastic wrap from Sunbean Wonder bread around my feet as added protection from the elements. My mom got pretty creative so she good get us out of the house, regardless of the weather! When I get home today, I'll have to find some bread bags for my girls feet...

So...on the train ride in this morning, Sarah's good friend Leslie happened to be on the same train (normally she gets an earlier train). Leslie was telling us how excited her girls were about the snow and how Leslie's husband Jeff was going to have them make snow angels, etc.

Both the discussion with Sarah, and the one with Leslie, got me thinking about how kids show how joy can be found in life's simple offerings, like snowfall.

This blog was really bad, I know.

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