Sunday, December 28, 2008

Outdoor run.

I did a quick run outside today, something I have not been doing on a regular basis. If it hasn't already done so, the temperature is set to hit 60 degrees here today.

Although it was a quick run (I left my sports watch at the office so I was unable to time it) of about 20 - 25 miuntes, it was a nice treat to run outdoors in shorts in December!

My sparse running of late has been on a treadmill either at home, or at the office (small "gym"). Because my runs have been shorter and less frequent, I have increased the intensity of them. I find this easy to do on the treadmill - I kick-up the speed for .25, .50. or .75 intervals.

Earlier this year (spring and summer), many of my runs were with the girls in the Triple Jogger. Those runs were usually about 3 miles and/or 30 minutes in length. Although the runs were short and the Triple Jogger rolls along with ease, pushing 55 - 60 lbs. can take it's toll! The physical effort, in combination with fielding the comments and questions from people, makes for an interesting run. For those of you who do not have multiples, taking our identical triplet girls Allie, Anna & Em out in public is best equated to being a local celebrity. Sarah and I have learned to avoid eye contact!

I'm off to refuel while the girls nap. Maybe I'll catch some of the Pats game. We plan to visit Grandma this afternoon, which could be interesting.

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