Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday mornings.

What is a typical Saturday morning for you? We got to talking the other day about "sleeping in". Are you one of those who can sleep until noon on a weekend morning or are you like me?

My weekend mornings (and afternoons sometimes) used to be spent in bed, usually because I was hungover/sick from the previous night. It has been quite a few years since I have dealt with a hangover and it has also been quite awhile since I have slept in on a regular basis.

Here is how the father of 20 month-old triplet girls spent this Saturday morning:

7:20 am I say to Sarah: "Hon - you can sleep in this morning". "You sure?" "Yes." "OK, thanks, hon."
I proceed to throw on some morning clothes/sweats and head downstairs for a few minutes of quiet time before the girls wake up.

I try to have at least 20 minutes in the morning to myself, even if is spent emptying the dishwasher or making myself something for breakfast.

7:40ish - the girls are awake, so I head back upstairs and open their bedroom door to see my three little sweethearts. They do their usual bouncing up and down and "ooh oohs" while gesturing for me to get them a book or something.

The next hour is spent changing their diapers, feeding them breakfast and then I corral them into the living room.

While they play in the living room with their new kitchen set, stroller, Elmo and books, I clean-up their breakfast mess (remember there are THREE toddlers).
9:00 until 9:45 is spent between the kitchen making coffee and cereal, and the living room playing referee.

Then I head into the living room to hang with the girls and attempt to drink my coffee. They, one at a time, bring books and other things to me...I say "thank you" to them as they walk away to get something else to bring to me. The items pile op on the floor around me.

Allie is fussy this morning (fussy all day, actually) so I decide to go with an ELMO video early. It was a good call.

I put the video on play, which seems to take forever because the girls just want to see the video and don't care why there is a FBI warning and trailers the video production company insists on putting at the beginning of the video.
I log on to the laptop - might as well start my blog and check my email. Allie comes over and wants "UP". I cave. Allie is on my lap.

I attempt to use the laptop with one hand while holding Allie. Em comes over with her hands raised. I cave. I have two on my lap - I'll finish the blog later. Anna comes over and, of course, wants in. Yes, three toddlers on Daddy.

Anna doesn't last too long - she doesn't like crowds.

Em & Allie recline with Daddy and giggle and make elephant noises and point at the TV screen while Elmo's World plays.

About 10:40 Mommy comes down from sleeping in. The girls jump off my lap and run over to greet Mommy. Daddy goes to shower. When I return, Sarah and I start to make the girls lunch. The morning is just about over.

20 years ago, before I was able to stop drinking, I was lucky if my day started at noon. The physical, mental and spiritual ill feelings from my drinking would start to erupt the minute my eyes opened. I would say "never again" or "not tonight" or "why did I do that" only to repeat myself again and again.

I do not miss "sleeping in" one bit.

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