Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What are the odds?

Today I attended a workshop required by the state for individuals on unemployment.  The seminar/workshop went as I had expected, having attended something similar the last time I was unemployed.

At some point during the workshop, the woman conducting the seminar told us (there was @20 of us) that a few of us would be selected for some additional program.  The program would require those selected to stay a little longer today and would also require some additional time outside of the workshop.  "Individuals are selected randomly by the computer" the woman said.  I knew I would be selected.  Sure enough, my name was one of the five selected to participate in the program.  What are the odds?

(Spending a few hours of my day at a career center run by the state is not my idea of fun but I accept it and understand why the state requires unemployment claimants to attend these workshops.  No biggie at all.  I do find it interesting how other people on unemployment view this benefit, however.)

It just so happened that the workshop was conducted in the same town where my sister is currently hospitalized with pneumonia.  So I was able to spend a little time with sister P before heading back toward home.  Yes, pneumonia just like Sarah's mom had last year.  What are the odds?

Our daughter Abigail is resting in a cemetery a few miles from our home.  I pulled in to visit the daughter who would have been turning 6 in several weeks.  The back of her stone reads Our Little Angel ~  Taken From Our Arms But not Our Hearts.  Sarah and I went to the hospital in June 2006 to welcome our first child into the world.  Instead we are told she had died before breathing a breath outside of Sarah's womb.  What are the odds?

Over five and a half years ago Sarah's ultrasound technician tells Sarah and me "I see three babies."  What are the odds?

Just over 5 years ago Sarah delivers 3 beautiful girls we name Alicenne Hope, Anna Abigail and Emily Blessing.  What are the odds?

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