Sunday, April 29, 2012

Twinke Toes.

After having not run all week, I got two decent runs in this weekend.  Yesterday I ran for about a half hour and today I did the same.  Yesterday's run was going to be me pushing Allie in the single Baby Jogger but Emily decided she wanted to come along so I pulled out the Triple Jogger.  I will say it was kind of odd having the one empty seat in the triple stroller (Anna wanted alone time with Sarah) but it was easier than pushing 3 for sure!  The wind did make parts of the run challenging, though.  We did probably just under 3 flat miles in sunny, but cool conditions.

Today's run I snuck in after we put the girls to bed and before the sun went down.  Cool conditions again, but the clear crisp air was great for running.  I know I will be missing these running conditions come July!  Oh and who says running doesn't pay?  I came home 35 cents richer after first picking up a quarter and then a dime about a 1/2 mile down the same street! (Sarah rolled her eyes when I told her of my cash findings.)

Although somewhat uneventful, it was an overall nice weekend spent at home.  I have been the who has done the grocery shopping in this family since I remember (and it is something I don't mind doing).  Sometimes I go alone.  Sometimes I take all three girls.  Sometimes I take two with me. 

Today I took Allie only.  Well Allie and Elmo.  And a toy shopping cart.  Oh my was Allie a cutie pushing the little cart around the grocery store wearing her new Skecher Twinkle Toes sneaks! Allie had decided it was safest to leave Elmo in the van while we shopped.  Good idea, Allie.  Although it would have been too stinking cute if Allie put Elmo in her shopping cart!

By the way, it seems I can never do a weekly shopping grocery shopping trip without spending at least $100.  Today's total was $117.27 although total savings (according to the receipt) were $30.83!

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