Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dear Allie,

I remember vividly the time we spent together when you were an infant. You slept relatively sound most nights and you were often the easiest to put to sleep at night after you had your bottle. "Moonie" was the name mommy gave you because of your moon-like face. We had some special moments while sharing a bedroom in your first weeks as an infant and I think that has helped us form a special bond.

It makes my heart skip a beat whenever you tell me that you missed me while I was at school and when you give me a squeeze hug before I walk out the door. Last night was especially heart-warming when you woke up while I was shutting your window. Your eyes opened, you sat-up, and a huge smile came over your face when you saw me in your room. Simply precious.

I have one favor to ask - could you PLEASE sleep good tonight? Actually, a few nights in a row would be best. I am exhausted and last night was brutal. I know you had a bad dream and were visibly upset. I understand. I really do. I gave you hugs. I slept next to you for awhile. You came into our bed too. But you didn't sleep well. At all. And either did I.

So...please try to sleep better. Thank you.


Pics from the summer-like weather we had on Monday:




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Laura said...

Poor Allie (and you!) Hope you both have better luck sleeping well tonight. Those pictures of the girls are so cute! And their hair is so long and beautiful! You're so blessed to have your girls.