Monday, April 9, 2012

Teeny Tiny Babies

With me being home and our daughters' birthday in a few days, I have been reflecting quite a bit on Sarah's pregnancy, their birth and the 5 years since....

This video captures one of the MANY special moments for us a family. After the girls were born, Anna spent about two weeks in the NICU before coming home to be with Allie and Emily (who had been home for over a week). But, before Anna was discharged, we took Allie (left) and Em (right) in to see Anna (middle):

Cute and Funny Things the Girls Say: Allie to me in the morning: Daddy, you don't smell handsome in the morning. You should take a shower. You always smell handsome when you take a shower.

Workout Log: About 2.5 miles mid-morning on the treadmill. Very tough getting started and felt sluggish the entire run so I took it slow before bumping up the pace for the last 1/4 mile.


Laura said...

It's amazing to see how much they've changed. They were so little! But yet you can still see they've got the same little faces and eyes. So adorable!!

Cindy said...

Hi, I'm over here from Sarah's blog to see the little precious-es. You raised three wonderfully special girls. It's nice to see a video of them in all their newborn littleness.