Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday (a.k.a. Fun Kid Friday)

Not sure if it is my age or the influence of my childhood, but I am pretty big on having family traditions and doing things as a family each holiday. And since the girls became old enough where we could "do stuff" as a family, we started to instill a sense of tradition with each holiday.

So...Easter. Easter, like Christmas, is a holiday in which I think the true meaning gets lost. I am not opposed to Easter or Christmas fun - don't get me wrong. I guess it is important to ME to think about what Easter really means as a Catholic. With that said, our girls are much too young to begin to understand the meaning of Easter, Good Friday, etc. We did, however, have several conversations over the past few days about holidays - mostly because the girls were asking why they didn't have preschool and they wanted to know when they could play on the playground at the local elementary school!

Emily (yesterday): "Mommy, Daddy took us to play at the green playground (elementary school playground) today but the kids were still in school and it was really busy there so we couldn't play on it."

Allie, Anna and Emily (since yesterday): "Can we play on the green playground today?"

Woven into the multiple question and answer sessions today on school closings, holidays, and the Easter bunny was an attempt to explain Good Friday. Ya, well they don't quite get it yet. Emily ended up saying something like "they should just call it Fun Kid Friday". Well, I'm not sure that will happen, but I think Allie, Anna and Emily did have a fun day today (Good Friday)! We took them to the green playground and they loved it!

This video is a few clips of the girls doing a few Easter-related activities the past several days - including their visit with the Easter Bunny himself (or herself)!

Cute and Funny Things the Girls Say: Allie, Anna and Emily were debating about the sex of the person dressed as the Easter bunny they visited today. It was pretty comical. Emily suggested that because she did not see a lot of hair under the costume it was a boy Easter bunny. Allie responded that maybe it was a lady Easter bunny and you couldn't see her hair because it was up in a bun. You go Allie!

Workout Log: No workout other than chasing, lifting and keeping up with my daughters all day!

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Kris said...

Funny how they cozy right up to the bunny but want nothing to do with Santa!!