Friday, April 13, 2012

Look at me, I can do gymnastics!

Exhausted was the adjective of the day for most of us. Sarah & I are definitely drained and Anna was also visibly tired. So...brief but cute (of course) post tonight.

This clip is of the girls at their gymnastics class. I was able to capture a few clips of Anna in action and she is adorable. Anna doesn't shy away from giving a 110% effort despite her spina bifida. Orange shorts = Anna. Pink = Allie. Yellow top = Emily. It was "beach" day, thus the bathing suit attire!

Cute and Funny Things the Girls Say: Allie, upon seeing that her sister Anna received a check for her birthday: "I want one of those, Daddy can you make copies and give me one?"

Workout Log: Snuck in a much-needed run of about 3 miles before we put the girls to bed. Near perfect running weather - high 60's and crisp clear air.


Lily said...

So cute! Loved the music. Can they see you? Watching that video made me wish I was a triplet! They look like they'll be best friends forever--warms my heart.

Laura said...

I totally remember doing stuff like that when I was their age! Brings back memories... I love Allie's kicks while she was balancing on the beam! And I love how Anna does so well despite the fact that she has Spina Bifida - just looking at her you wouldn't even know! She really does put in 110%. Well done, and nice video.

Dad to Triplets said...

Lily - yes, they can see me. They usually get shy when they see I am watching.

Thanks, Laura.