Monday, April 23, 2012

27 Hours

Sarah and I spent an extremely rare night away without the girls this past weekend. And, aside from the emotions which come with being away from my daughters, I had a very nice time.

We left the girls at Sarah's parents at about 11:00 am Saturday morning and picked them up at about 2:00 on Sunday (thanks to Sagamore Bridge contstruction). In many ways it felt like a LONG time, but in other ways, it felt short. VERY short.

I, of course am writing this post after a long, but fun day as Daddy. So...I am tired and short on time. For now I will just note some things that come to mind about the weekend.

- I love my family.

 - The Chatham Bars Inn (CBI) is a great place to stay.

- The CBI is not a place we can afford to frequent.

- I thoroughly enjoyed walking a somewhat deserted Nausett Beach with Sarah and watching the surf. At times I felt like we were back to the dating days.

- The food at CBI is tasty.

- The fried clam roll at Baxter's Restaurant in Hyannis rocked!

- I thought about my daughters a lot.

- A nightclub in Hyannis called Pufferbellies still exists after all these years (I had a couple of cold ones there back in the day).

- I'm fortunate to have parents who brought us to the Cape on vacation when I was a kid. I hope Sarah and I can do the same for Allie, Anna and Emily.

Time for bed.

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