Monday, September 14, 2009

Video: Quack Quack On The Piano

Several months ago I was surfing Amazon for a CD of nursery rhyme songs for the girls and came upon Classic Nursery Rhymes sung by Susie Tallman & Friends. It got great reviews by those who had purchased and rated the CD. (I am a HUGE Amazon fan, be the way. I started using it regularly several months ago and it is now the first place I look if I am doing any non-clothing related shopping.)

So I purchased the CD. The first song on the dISC is Six Little Ducks - a song I either had never heard before, or do not remember from my childhood. The latter is most likely true. Upon hearing the song, Sarah's mom informed me that Sarah had actually sung it in a pre-school recital.

While watching this video, you may be able to decipher QUACK QUACK coming out of the girls mouths. Em is in pigtails, Allie in the Tax Deduction onsie and Anna is in a diaper only. Anna's crazy hair helps make the video even funnier! I should also mention that since we purchased the disc, almost every night at bedtime, Allie has been saying "...I WANT QUACK QUACK MUSIC..!"

So...without further delay, I introduce my girls "performing" Six Little Ducks on Sarah's piano.


Anonymous said...

I'm Jan, I sometimes post on Sarah's blog (which I enjoy so much, I have identical twin girls so I feel somewhat of a kinship). After watching this video all I can say is how lucky you are. I know this is not news to you and you, far more than most, appreciate your good fortune in having such a wonderful family. Your girls are so beautiful and full of life!

Rich said...

"Full of life..." is a good way of putting it! ;)

I am an extremely fortunate man, but I can forget that sometimes so I appreciate it when someone points that fact out to me. Thank you, Jan.

Thanks also for commenting - just this morning I was thinking of stopping my posts because I thought noone liked them!

Kristine said...

You know I enjoy them!!! Don't stop posting!! I can't even begin to tell you the pleasure I get out of both yours, and sarahs post. Hearing about my little friends, that I still think should be living next to me..... Really really makes me smile.
Plus, pure selfish on my part, the only way I know how you and Sarah are doing!!!
Keep it up!!

Ellen said...

Thanks for sharing! I loved the video of the girls!! They do a great job wiht the Quack Quack song!! ;-)