Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are they always this good?

Our girls are generally very well behaved when they are out in public. For example, I took the girls with me grocery shopping on Monday and they were having a great time. Em and Allie were seated next to each other in the "car" part of the shopping cart while Anna sat in the regular cart seat. Allie and Em spent most of the time hugging each other and singing Barney's I Love You (that may not be the title, but that's what I call the song). It was priceless. So, an employee at the grocery store starts with the questions. Among the questions was "Are they always this good?" The obvious answer to that question is NO, of course. They are not always this good, but they are good girls.

I caught a episode of sisterly love on video a few weeks ago. The girls have a ton of play kitchen stuff, including a favored slotted spoon. Emily had the slotted spoon and Allie wanted it. Enough said.

You'll hear Anna's voice as she watched the scene through the video camera's viewfinder - she loves to watch whenver I am recording!

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