Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sweet as Cinnamon French Toast.

It became official this week that I am a real dad. The day went like this:

The girls were up a little early, which meant that they were sitting in their chairs having Aunt Jemimah Cinnamon French Toast Sticks for breakfast when it was time for Sarah & I to leave for work. If they are awake, Sarah and I will say our good-byes with a kiss and a "...going to work for the man..." or "...gotta catch the train...".

Emily was first in the line-up so I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead - she kicked her legs in excitement and smiled that "Emily" smile. Then it was bye-bye to Allie, who decided to offer a hug to daddy. Thank you Allie. As I moved on to Anna, Allie said something to me which I couldn't quite understand. No time to ask Allie what she meant - back to Anna. Another beaming smile from a happy Anna. Bye -bye girls.

Sarah & I jump in to the car to begin our commute... To the train station. park the car. get on the train. get off the train. walk to the office and...on with my work day.

At some point, hours after leaving the house, I'm sitting at my desk and notice something kind of crumbly on my shoulder which I brush off, thinking it kind of odd, but no biggie.

This day is a great day for a run and my employer provides a workout room on my floor which includes two separate private showers - I often take advantage of this perc by either using the treadmill or running outside during my lunch "hour". I decide to go for a run today.

As I am putting my work clothes into the locker, I notice something on my shirt. I investigate and discover the mysterious substance on my shirt to be the cinnamon sugar from the french toast the girls had for breakfast! I guess what Allie was trying to tell me in the morning was that she had put cinnamon sugar on me when she gave me a hug!

I could have cared less that I walked around with food on my shirt all morning. The smile and joy this little episode brought to my day was priceless! Sweet as cinnamon!

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