Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A long time.

I've found that a long time has changed for me over the years. What used to be a long time is now a flash of time.

I remember talking to a friend years ago. Tom is his name. Tom had reached a milestone of sorts - I believe it was twenty years. I asked him what twenty years felt like. You have to know Tom is a guy a few years my senior - old enough to be my dad, actually. Tom has also been a man full of wisdom and strong character. Tom looked at me and said "...it feels like I was shot out of a cannon.."

I knew what Tom meant that day and I still remember today what he meant. I reached a milestone of my own today and I have to say twenty years doesn't feel like a long time. I do, in some ways, feel like Tom felt back then - it feels like I was "shot out a cannon". Twenty years is not such a long time.

Abigail would have been three years, two months and twenty seven days old today. In many ways Abigail's birth was a long time ago...in many ways it was like yesterday.

It's been twenty five years since I graduated high school - now that's a LONG time ago.

Today came and went just like most days seem to do lately. That's why I try to live my life ONE DAY AT A TIME.


Kristine said...

Congrats!! This means you can speak at "longtimers" now ;) I don't think you qualify as "old timer" though, ~ a "yet" to look forward too!!
It is not "just another day" though. It is twenty years of living, one day at a time, with a freedom most people will never get, or understand. It IS a great accomplishment, and a absolute gift to your wonderful girls.
Keep it up!! :)

Rich said...

Thanks, Kris. Kind words like that are warming to the heart. :)