Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Short and Sweet.

I have a few ideas for posts tonight, which is unusual for me. BUT, I have some reading to do for my first graduate level class tomorrow night so I do not have time to do a full posting.

I am returning to my undergraduate alma mater in hopes of attaining an MBA. I'll just say that it should be interesting. In the orientation last week, the assistant dean was reading off stats about the class of 166 students. One of which was "...years of experience range is zero to 21 years...". I have 20+ years of work experience, so I guess I am going to be the old-timer of the class!

Like I said, it will be interesting.

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Kristine said...

have fun!! I start my first class since 1986 tonight ....
Whats that saying? Teeth then school???? lol