Sunday, September 6, 2009

The first days.

Sarah and I personally know about six families who have, or will be welcoming a baby soon. Among those, Sarah's youngest brother and his wife (baby girl), and one of my younger brothers and his wife (baby boy) both had their first child. As one would imagine, these births get us thinking back to both of Sarah's deliveries.

We are fortunate to have some video clips of the Allie, Anna and Emily's first few days with us. In this video, the girls are about a week old and are visiting Anna at the hospital who had yet to be discharged (after her second surgery). Left to Right - Allie, Anna, and Emily.


His Mom said...

I have said this before on other pics of the girls, but their faces have not changed much at all, except getting bigger! I can totally see your big 2 year old daughters in those tiny newborns! I can only imagine your feelings of having all 3 of them together again, finally!

Rich said...

I have individual b&w pictures of each the girls hanging in my office from when they were months old. This is to remind me, in times of stress, how precious the gift is.