Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Soft as a marshmallow.

I came to the realization sometime ago - probably in my early twenties, that I was a fairly sensitive person, especially for a guy. After last weekend, I may have to replace "sensitive" with "marshmallow".

Yes, the weekend did contain a family wedding, but must I become teary-eyed at every opportunity for emotion?

Sarah and I traveled out of state to attend my niece's wedding on Sunday. Circumstances are not such that we have the luxury of doing an overnight trip as a couple yet, with or without the girls. So, we took the 2+ hour drive to a nice setting on a beautiful lake. It was nice. It was my niece. But it wasn't my daughter getting married. I love my niece like I love all my family, but I haven't spent a lot of time with her. I don't know her husband very well. I'm in my early forties. I've been to tons of weddings. No need for me to get emotional, right?

"It's time for the bride to dance with her dad..." says the DJ. So...my brother Ed, about 4 years my senior, escorts my niece onto the dance floor for the traditional father-daughter dance. I think it was a Rascal Flats song - I cannot recall. I get up from the table as I feel I don't want to miss seeing these few minutes of time. I am a marshmallow. I watch my older brother dance with his only daughter and I began to get teary-eyed.

Of my other 20+ nephews and nieces, I had seen four of them get married before my niece, but this is the first time one of my brothers gave away his daughter. That must have been it. My brothers and I are getting older. I will be taking the place of my brother Ed before I know it, right? That's why I was so emotional. I am not a marshmallow, just a sensitive guy.

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