Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our weekend, abridged version and video clips from the zoo.

This weekend went by in a blink of an eye, but for us, it contained a whole bunch of everything.

Sarah and I had two nights of not good sleep. Again. Oh well. Allie has not been a happy camper at all with molars coming in. Em has been Em at night - waking up crying and/or whining at odd hours.

I may be getting a cold - runny nose and sneezing a lot. Both Sarah and I have sore backs - the product of being the parents of two year old triplets. Not good.

The fun part of the weekend was FREE ice cream at a local ice cream chain on Saturday and it wasn't chaos. We were actually able to get three high chairs, sit and enjoy an ice cream! The bonus was the girls were VERY well behaved.

Fun, Part II was the beach today. Sarah took a boat-load of photos which I am sure you will see on her blog this week. The weather was near perfect today and the girls had a blast! It was our third beach trip and so far, each trip seems to go better than the previous. Sarah and I are absolutely exhausted. I don't see how the girls won't sleep well tonight.

The video clip is from our day at the zoo a few weeks ago. Nothing too exciting about the video, just a chance to see my cuties in action!

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Kristine said...

I love it when you post vid. It is so cute to hear their little voices :)